I'd give it a 7.5

Let's not forget about October's recipe contest. There are 5 strong entries so far. One includes donuts. Mmmmm, donuts.

I ought not skip a day on the blog...it totally screws me all up. Last week, the kids had Jambalaya. How did it go over, you ask?

Well, no one was all too excited about it. 3of3 tried it, with great trepidation:

and I'll be damned if she didn't declare it a YummaNummy.

Score one for mom. 1of3 was also a little more wary than I'd have liked, but went into it with an open mind:

Score two for mom. Not two very high scores, but two it's alrights.

2of3 was just mad about the whole thing. He tried it, very very cautiously, but he had his mind already made up:

I asked him to rate it one a scale of 1-10, 1 being better than a Happy Meal and 10 being dog poop.

He replied with a hearty Dog Poop.

And I learned something from this. I learned that one should never say Dog Poop in front of a two year old sponge. Someone has a new favorite phrase. Honey, come meet daddy's boss. DOGPOOP! Baby, say hi to your brothers' principal. DOGPOOP! Sweetpea, come shake the hand of the President of the United States. DOGPOOP!

(Well, maybe she's on to something there...)