Democracy in action!

I'm taking a vote. What the hell should I do with these?

Your choices are:

A) Move into the 21st century. I mean, who really has VHS tapes anymore? I could easily toss them or donate them to Children's Hospital or something. But then, of course, Children's Hospital would be stuck with VHS tapes. Maybe I could throw in some sweet 8-tracks while I'm at it.

B) Accept that I am an old fuddy-duddy and buy a VCR. They're, like, $5.99 at Walmart and one of my favorite movies is in that pile. 22 tapes at $30/dvd is around $500 dollars. That's almost my grocery budget for a month. But then, of course, I would have to own a VCR.

So, which is it? You vote, I do. And if you'd like to vote for "Mail them to me", that could be option C. Maybe two of you could fight for them. In Jello. Or MUD.

Perhaps I've said too much. Vote away, people!