Mr Lady, party planner extraordinare

First things first: What did my kids think of Chinese Spaghetti? (By the way, I only call it that because I have no idea what else to call it. I can't call it beef and broccoli with noodles; they'd never touch that.)

We'll start with Mr. Human Garbage Disposal:

He loved it. And now to the baby toddler. Honestly, she was a dead give-away. I mean, there was broccoli in it.

I am FULLY aware that she looks like an evil undead zombie in this picture; no need to point it out to me, thanks. I asked, "Do you like your dinner, baby?" and she answered, "YUMMANUMMY!"

And now we're onto 2of3, Mr. I Would Rather DIE Than Eat Anything But PopRocks. What did my cautious gourmet think?

Well, I'll be a greased Jesus. He LIKED it!

We'll give this dinner a good 1. I think zero has to be licked plates. And so concludes this weeks' installment of Rate the Hate. (Props to Molly for the first accurate guess still the games' inception. Perhaps there should be a prize of some sort.) Next week? Thanksgiving! Canadians don't do anything on time, much less early, but we kick your American ASSES at Thanksgiving, by about 6 whole weeks! (Oh, and our dollar is currently worth the same as yours, too. HA!)

And now for something completely different: Birthday parties. Dude, I can totally throw the coolest parties. If you happen to need one planned, and happen also to be turning two, give me a call. I'll so hook you up.

Yep, that's a birthday tiera. I am a sucker for baby bling. She had 3 friends over and we made foam bookmarks. Because we're nerds, that's why.

The we headed down to the basement, which mom had filled the ceiling of with pink balloons with streamers (for jellyfish) and blew both her eardrums right out of her head to fill the floor with two shades of blue balloons (for the sea).

I'd love to show you more pictures, but those kids popped all the blue balloons and after a rigorous balloon war, they sucked every last bit of helium out of every last pink balloon. How much do you want to bet those kids aren't allowed to come over anymore?
She had the usually two-year-old snacks: Goldfish, Blue punch with lime sherbet (apparently, I was going for New Jersey ocean water there), but these were the best part:
The Nemo gummy snacks were supposed to be floating IN the Jello, but I gave up waiting for the Jello to set at 2 am the morning of the party. They skated on top. They still totally rocked. Oh, and if anyone is in need of 10 small fish bowls, I'm the girl to talk to.

She got lots of fun presents, including this sweater from South Africa:

(Gramma is in South Africa. I am certainly not ordering clothes for a smelly toddler from other continents, I can assure you.)

And that's about it. She consumed more cake in two days than I thought it was humanly possible to, and now she's two. Oh god, she's two. Anyone in the market for a two year old?