Bluer than Bleu?

I almost forgot about this weeks' dinner....they loved it. They love it every single time I make it. And why do they love it? Because they have absolutely no clue what goes in it. If I ever actually showed them a chunk of bleu cheese, I have no doubt that they would hop on the internet and find 5 different languages in which to tell me where I could shove that dinner. . Yes, that would be an empty plate that did not, at any point, contain chicken on frwaunch fweyes. (I feel like this is a great place to mention that my computer's screen saver is a slideshow of all of the pictures saved on it. Why would I bring that up? Because my husband has never once read this blog and the other day he looked at me and asked why the hell I would have taken a picture of pasta. My reply? "It's a long story.")

In case you're playing along, you have 5 days left to enter the recipe contest. FIVE days, people. Looking for more thrills and chills? The Retropolitan has way too much time on his hands a whole slew of creepy, cookey contests for Halloween. And better prizes. Check it out, if you dare.