On footwear, or the lack thereof

These are all of the shoes I own:I know, you're waiting for the other pictures. There are no other pictures. That's it; just those. That would be totally fine if I were a beach-bum in college, but I am a mother of three in Vancouver, British Columbia where it rains like crazy. Britney Spears crazy. I need shoes.

Today, Josh took me out to fix this little issue, and bought me these:I paid more for those than I did for all over my other shoes. Combined. I'm dead serious; I did the math.

It's not that I couldn't have more shoes, it's just that I am a penny pinching cheap bastard and every time I think I could squeeze in a pair of shoes I then think about next stupid school fundraiser or the impending diaper purchase or replacing the area rug that I have had since I was single.

Anyway, now I have a decent pair of shoes and my husband totally has a crush on them. He's got a shoe thing. Someday I'll show you how many pairs of shoes he has.