Ok, so I'm just going to say this and then I'm going to bed, but if you don't hear from me tomorrow, someone call 911.

I just went down to turn all the lights out for bed and I realized that the pilot light on my gas fireplace is out. I checked to see if I'd turned it off, but nope; it's still set on high. The further back I think, the more I realize that it's been out all day, since just after the boys got home.

I swear to god we're all going down in a blaze of glory tonight.

Of course it's Josh's late night at work and he won't be home until after 1 and the biggest big-wig of all his big-wigs is at his place of work right now so I can't even call him to ask him what to do and the house doesn't smell like gas but I am groggy tired the same way I was the last time we had a carbon monoxide problem and I am freaking the fuck out.

Tell me it's ok. Please.