Today is all about my nephews take 2

My sister in law called last Thursday to tell me that my nephew had been voted Sophomore Homecoming King at his high school. I got on the phone with him and said, "Great. You're now officially that kid I hated in high school."

He giggled. He doesn't believe that I was unpopular in high school. I was unpopular. Very. To prove it, I offer you this nugget:

I went to my senior Homecoming dance (first dance I ever went to) because I was the photographer. And in the spirit of that, and my nephew's triumphant conquest of the hearts of a couple hundred 15 year olds, this weeks' picture is of me on my way to the senior Homecoming dance.

Please note the major blunder here: My family is Irish. The parts of us that aren't Irish are Scottish and Ukrainian. We have absolutely NO pigment in our skin. I also weighed, perhaps, 90 pounds in this picture. If I was turned slightly more to the right, you wouldn't even be able to see me. So what did I do? I pulled my blond hair up, put on some white hose, added a white dress to that, and hopped in a white car.

This picture is a lot like a picture of a blizzard. Ready?

Thank god the building behind me is green. The front of that dress actually has a sheer little panel with some lovely trim stitched into it, but you can't see it because I'm a freaking albino.

I truly hope you all are enjoying my Wednesday rounds of self-humiliation. I don't know how much longer I can keep doing this to myself.