Funnest Fun Ever

You know what makes a night better than anything else? Staying up until one watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, because it's the best show ever and you don't care at ALL if you have to get up at 7 the next morning to take care of your kids. Not just staying up until one, but turning the tv off at one and thinking you hear the washer running. Not just hearing the washer running, but hearing it running some 5 hours after you put in your last load. And then going down to see what the story is and seeing the motherfucking river Nile coming through your basement ceiling.

That is the best night ever. Really.

I mean, you get to run around like a chicken minus a head, trying to find the main water shut off, right after you have polished off and entire bag of pretzels, and you have to pee, and you have 3 kids, and those kids like modern conveniences like, oh, water in the morning. And you have a standing inch of water in your basement.

This rocks, of course, because it means you get to spend from 8 am until 1 pm the next day with your landlord, who hasn't slept more than 8 hours in a week because her 3 year old niece just had open heart surgery, and a plumber, who totally falls all the way down your stairs at some point in the repair process, and you can't even brush your teeth. You can't even brew a pot of coffee.

Best. Night. Ever.