This Week in Review: The End is Extremely Nigh

(Updated. I can't get anything right the first time.)

Well, we figured out this week that the fire gods like to taunt us, the flood gods love us and want to shower us with water affection, and so now all we need is a hurricane and a good ol' mudslide and we will have the Wrath of Nature fully upon us, straight up biblical style.

Also, having repair-folk in your house for 12 hours straight is exhausting.

I learned that I really gotsta get me one of these. It is the coolest tool ever. Also, did you know that you can drill little holes in your wall after a floodish event and then run a whole lot of industrial fans in a room, and by doing so you can save your carpet and walls?

You can! You have to run a lot of fans, though.

And don't forget to put them around the washer & dryer, NOT IN FRONT OF THEM, 'cause if'ins you had a little water issue, you are going to have a mountain of baby blankets kids' laundry* towels to wash.

All of that? From one little crack in one little pipe dead smack in the middle of a support beam in the ceiling.

I found out this week that when the worlds' elements do lay siege to me and mine, we will survive, thanks mostly to our couch.

Under those lovely and quite expensive cushions one can find food to eat, including but not limited to bread, crackers and popcorn kernels, utensils to write SOS notes with, marbles to play with or fling at thine enemies, and a sock, I believe. Everyone knows that socks are essential for keeping your toes warm, and your hands, and can also be used for a nose warmer, ear muffs, and in dire emergencies make fabulous baby wipes. I highly recommend warming your nose before you get with the diaper change, though. And of COURSE there are golf tees. Lots and lots of golf tees. Who doesn't put golf tees in their Apocalypse stash under their couch?

Most important of all, though, is that this week I proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am indeed capable of keeping all three of my children alive long enough to see their second birthdays.

This outfit came from her God Grandmother, who, from here on out I will refer to as GiGi (get it? God Grandmother? CUTE. I wish I'd thought of that 2 years ago.)

She's tired, and in no mood for pictures (that don't involve peek-a-boo), but this is the Cutest. Outfit. Ever. The fabric has a shoe pattern all over it. Shoes, 3of3's #1 obsession. The pants? Totally reversible. That is one handmade, full of love, birthday outfit. Thanks, GiGi. I am swooning.

Also, The Retropolitan is a genius. GENIUS.

Quite the week, eh? Thanksgiving is Monday (here) and I haven't even bought one stick of cream cheese yet. Yikes.

*If you really think I would use my children's baby blankets that are stored in the Room of Perpetual Floods or their laundry that they had just worked so hard to sort, wash and dry to soak up a water leak at 1 in the morning, you would be totally right** quite mistaken.

**Yeah, you're right. And yes, I suck.