On Food and Timelines

Times when Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday:
  • When I have a house full of company

  • When I have everything done a week in advance

  • When I have most everything I need already laying around

Times when Thanksgiving is not my favorite holiday:

  • When the toddler will not get off my right shoulder

  • When I have made 3 international moves in one year, and have no good spices left because of some silly rule involving food and the border

  • When Thanksgiving dinner is 22 hours away, and I have cooked a grand total of ZERO things

The good news is that Josh's friend is coming for a sleepover tonight, and I have had no company at all since I've been here, and I have 3 bottles of wine I have been waiting for an excuse to drink. Oh, and dinner will also rock.

But really, I have to go cook. In case you're wondering, here's what we're having:

  • Cranberry brined turkey

  • Gold mashed potatoes

  • Green beans with creme fraiche and cremini mushrooms

  • Chevre and cranberry salad

  • Rolls and stuffing, of course

  • Pumpkin pie ~and~

  • Pumpkin Cheesecake
  • And I almost forgot....spiced cranberry sauce!

This years' theme is cranberry, in case you couldn't guess. My favorite theme is pear for Thanksgiving, but cranberries just sound good this year. Tomorrow is the big day, so pictures will come on Tuesday, and don't forget,

There is a recipe contest going on over here.

So far, Andy's winning, and just because he's the only one to offer up a recipe. We can't let Andy win. He'll get all smug. So help a girl out & enter already.