Rate the Hate the Violation of Child Labor Laws edition

We have this show here called 'Surprise! It's Edible! Incredible!' It's like Iron Chef for kids. The kids are paired off in teams and have to cook a meal that is healthy and (probably) yummy. My kids love this show.

The other week, the kids had to cook a salmon dinner with a tropical salsa, and after we watched the show, 1of3 asked if he could make that for dinner sometime. Of course I said yes. Are you kidding me? Someone ELSE cook for a change? That's no kind of question at all.

Off to the store we went, and he picked out all of his own ingredients, and I tried to talk him into paying, too. He wasn't having that at all. And back home we went to cook a feast.

So, kids, you grill or bake or whatever you do to your salmon, until it's just done. Meanwhile, you chop one red onion...and some cilantro. Make sure you have the proper equipment on hand for chopping onions.That's thinking on your feet, kid. Then you cut a papaya and a mango (or an apple if your mango, though lovely on the outside, looked quite questionable on the inside) into bite-sized chucks.Mix the onion and cilantro with the fruit, add a dash each of chipotle pepper, hot sauce, black pepper and coarse salt. Squeeze the juice of one lime into the salsa and mix well. Steam a little rice and toss some greens in a balsamic vinaigrette. Place the salmon on top of a small bed of greens, top it with the salsa and throw a little rice on the side. Make sure it looks gorgeous for your dear old mom. Drop your first plate all over the floor, because seriously, if your mom's going to take the night off from cooking, she at least could sweep or something.Get all the food out to your family and see what they think....One "Eh". Three "yum!" The yums have it!