Social Studies. Maybe Geography, too.

I love school projects. Really, I heart them. I get all gooey inside when my kids come home with the science fair flier. But this one, this one tops them ALL.

My nephew lives in Albuquerque. and his is a great big kindergartener. He has a project to do this year where he has this journal. It's blank. He has to send it all over the country (and beyond; hooray Canadian cousins) and have entries written in it. The people who write entries need to write about the weather, the food, the clothes you wear, the homes and industries in your area, and whatever your area is known for, or what makes it unique. Then, you forward it off to someone else, somewhere else.

We're the first entry. Then it's going to Gramma in South Africa. After that, who knows?

And I got to thinking about where we could send this to, and then I remembered that I have this little group of e-friends who are all very pretty and cool and swanky and interesting, and I thought that maybe, just maybe, a few of you would like to play along.

So, if you think you could spare ten minutes of a day, and maybe a picture or two in the name of enhancing the world view of 25 5 year olds in New Mexico (and if you want to help me give my nephew the very best journal in his class), please leave a comment to let me know.

(This one is going to involve exchanging personal information, by the way. Please keep that in mind.)