This Week in Belief

We're just a typical American Canadian family, with fine holiday traditions that we embrace, no matter how much they annoy the piss out of the 9 year old.
(I assure you, that said Noel 5 minutes later) An innocent night of holiday cheerTurned into a night of destruction plotting. Note the fierce battle-cry.First, I'm going to throw you on the floor. And then I'm going to dance to Mambo on top of you in my fancy shoes.For you, it's going to be a long drop down the railing. You think you're all cool, half horse, half fish. We'll see if you've got any bird in you.Oooo, the moose. You might be tough. You're made pretty well. Hmmm...Maybe if I chew on you or something. Maybe. Just you wait. I'll think of something.Later in the week: Well, Santa. It's like this. I'm 9 now. I cook dinner and do my own laundry. Yes, I NEED a Nano.I don't get it. I sat on the creepy guy's lap, I told him I wanted a skateboard, and I got my candy. When's he gonna put me down already?I am pretty sure that you're not who you're saying you are, dude, but if it's gonna get me an iCoaster, I will play your little game. And look viciously cute while I do it. iCoaster.
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