He Knows How to Treat a Lady

I went on a date with a very cute boy yesterday.

Once upon a time, when we lived in Denver and the kids' gramma did, too, she would take them on Saturday nights. Sometimes, though, she would just take one of them. Those were the days before 3of3, and the odd-boy-out and I would go on a date. A FANCY date. A not-McDonalds date. Since those days, gramma has moved to South Africa and we moved to Canada, back to Denver, and back to Canada again. Oh, and I went and had another baby. I totally screwed up date night for my boys.

2of3 is taking it the hardest. He lost his place as the baby and he lost his place as the IT boy at school. He doesn't know where he his in his life right now, and we are all paying for it.

Yesterday, dad was actually home for once and 1of3 had a birthday party to attend, so we dumped big brother on the party and the baby on dad and 2of3 and I hit the town. The mall. Whatever. It was awesome.

I just followed him for a while. We started at Walmart, where he got to choose a present. He picked out a $20 pack of hockey cards. (A week before Christmas. Grrr.) We also grabbed a travel checkers kit. And then we headed over to Starbucks. We both got grown-up sized hot chocolates (YUM) and sat at Starbucks where my 7 year old kicked my motherfucking ass at some checkers without me letting him win in any way (not true).

After that, he thought we should ride the little train they have set up for babies around Santa. So we did. We only got nasty looks from about half of the people running the thing. We totally held hands while the train rode around the mall. Oh, we are suckers for the romance. And then 2of3 wanted to go into his favorite store in the whole wide world....House Of Knives. Creepy? A little. Almost my favorite store? Perhaps. We looked at axes and swords and old-fashioned shaving kits and all sorts of sharp, pointy, shiny things. Oh, we are suckers for the sharp, the pointy and the shiny.

And then we went to the grocery store (don't you want to go on a date with me now?) and 2of3 got his dad a chocolate bar and his brother and sister each a necklace out of the vending machine thing. He's thoughtful like that.

We came home after that and for the first time in I can't tell you when, I did NOT have a child rocking in his chair, talking at me incessantly, picking at his brother or whining because the baby got more milk than him. I had a pleasant, sweet kid. I had MY kid back. It. Was. Glorious.

He decreed that Date Night shall be a regular event around here, one Sunday every month. He wanted every Sunday, but I had to remind him that there are 3 other people in this house who would like a date with me, and he agreed to once a month. I wonder where he'll take me next time. Maybe Home Depot.