Awesomely awesome awesomeness

You know what is the best bestest ever? When you meet a girl out for a playdate that you've never met before and you aren't even sure you want to go because you have horrid social issues that make you an uber dork in public settings but you force yourself to go anyway and the girl turns out to be cooler than cool and brutally hot and her kids are seriously seriously SERIOUSLY cute and you don't even need to get coffee to mask awkward pauses or anything because their aren't any and the WMD was totally (almost) well behaved and you think that maybe you might just have made your first real life friend in the foreign country you call home and as you're heading home feeling very good about your brave self indeed but just a little worried that you talked too much or maybe interrupted somewhere while totally second-guessing your choice to not blowdry your hair so that you'd be on time and you glimpse in the mirror and realize that you have a hugemungous zit on your chin?

Yeah, I like that, too.