Eat your heart out, Norman Rockwell*

Snow days should always be on Saturdays. We woke up to snow, had lunch to snow, ate dinner to snow, and went to bed with snow. Some of us fell flat on our asses three times in snow.

The boys went outside at 9 AM and didn't come inside until 5:30 PM. 3of3 and I stayed outside until I couldn't feel my hands anymore. The entire neighborhood came out, and the kids had toboggan races with sleds, recycling bins and trash can lids. 2of3 either really likes to make out with lamp posts or needs to work on his steering skilz.

We had snowball fights, sliding races, and beer! Holy Suburbia, Batman. It rocked on seven different levels.

Now, I'm totally representin' Colorado here, and so, of course, I was all "I'm going to drive to the video store 'cause, pshaw, this is like 2 inches of snow, pussies." Silly Vancouver kids, can't handle a little snow driving, right? WRONG. I think the snow here falls doused in axle grease. Shit's slippery, yo. My Subaru, the Lesbaru, the Colorado big bad tough ass car of choice, the car that made it through 3 blizzards in 2 weeks and said, "Eh?", that car slid three times before I made it to the first stop sign. Screw you, snow, I'm going home.

We won't be leaving the house until this stuff is GONE. Or we run out of milk; whichever comes first. Which is fine, because it gives me time to play along with this weeks' installment of the Weekly Winners. This week is the Week Of The Snowball. Because I hear we only get one week of this here.

*That is a truly digusting phrase, and this is a super fun website. Go check it out!