Oh, screw it

'Twas the week before Christmas
and all through the house
Mr. Lady stopped cooking;
She felt like a louse.

She just couldn't handle
one more dirty dish;
she took the kids to McDonald's,
they all screamed, "Delish!"

The next day, off to IHop
because two kids eat free
with every adult meal;
Cheap works for me!

Her Saturday posting
of scrumptious, good dinners
would have to wait just one week;
Cheeseburgers are not winners.

Her fridge has just milk,
Cheese and some NA beer
They kids' had better get used to it;
College is near.

Saturday next
will bring entrees galore
into your reader
that you will adore.

This week we are skipping
to shop and to see
just how long the kids will eat
breakfast cereal with glee.

Merry Christmas to you
and to your lovely pack
from Mr Lady, her family
and her empty dish rack.