Silver Linings

One silver lining:
At least, by not actually owning any clothing that I would have put in this closet, I have room for all this.Good lord, do I ever have some wrapping to do.

Dudes, yes, you are stuck in the basement storage room right there next to the paint cans, in the dark, but in a day and a half, it's gonna be all with the climbing and the carrots and the apples and stuff.*Two little boys are going to love the hell out of you.

One last one:
We may not ever see more of each other than the eyes over dueling laptops, but it's super hard to make more babies this way.And man oh lordy do we ever have a lot of gigs. Big. Hard. Drives. Mmmmm.

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*The creepy basement domes are full of hamsters. I know, I know. They're going into their new homes tonight. They chewed through every box I put them in. And I kinda have a history with killing hamsters. That's me, serial-hamster-killers. Molly, I cannot wait to hear what you have to say about this.