Be warned...

Now that it's all over, and I actually pulled it off, I feel like it's safe to tell you that I signed up for this craziness in November:This is actually my 46th post in December, and I bet my drunk ass will have one more coming tonight. My drunk head. If I manage to get my ass drunk, I think I'll have a bit of soul-searching to do.

And now that I have gone since October 28th with at least one post a day (it's quantity, not so much quality, they're going for) I can also tell you that I signed up for even more fabulous fun.As much as I'd love to say all 365 glorious, witty, and mildly questionable posts will show up here, I imagine that at some point in the near future I will get a job have a torrid love affair join a playgroup take up drinking get a freaking life already. My hope is to post one picture every day of my sweet, lovely, clean, pleasant children* on My Own Private Idaho.

I hope that explains why you have been forced to listen to such an astonishing amount of pure dribble from me, or at least warns you to delete me from your readers before tomorrow, when I'm going to hit it. Hard.

*If you're buying that, I have some beach-front property in Denver I'm looking to unload, too.