Dude, I love the internet. Here's why.

Happy birthday, Chris.

I haven't ever met you, and I'd bet my pinky toe that I never will. I have, however, spent three years solid so damn cracked out on your blog that come Monday morning, after you take the weekend off, I end up looking like this just waiting for that haiku to come.

It's not that you're such a great dad, and it's not that you have the best taste ever in music, and it's not that you take really, mind-numblingly beautiful pictures, and it's not that you're totally freaking hot (and I can say that only because I strongly hold that your wife is hotter), and it's not entirely that you're a Sag, and it's certainly not that you have a penchant for posting really hideous pictures of yourself on the internet; it's none of those things, really.In the end, it comes down to one thing, and one thing only. There is this one common link that we share, and it is perhaps stronger than any genetic link or lifestyle similarity or political leaning. It's something few people share, and when you meet someone who gets this the way you get this, you have to hold on to them tight.

But before we get to that, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for all of your silliness, your happiness, for sharing your joys and your angst and your stories and your life with us. You will always be my first click in the morning. Even before I get to the coffee, I get to your site. Thank you for being kind and funny and insightful and interesting and did I mention hot?

And my birthday gift to you, which was given to me not too long ago by my BFF Molly, who gets it too and you should really be her friend, too, is this. Enjoy. And have a fabulous birthday.