random. so very, very random.

Sometimes I think my son is the funniest kid, ever. Today, he was fabulous.

This afternoon:

T: Mom, is Cupid real?
Mom: I think so, honey.
T: No he's not, mom!
Mom: Oh yeah, well then how do people fall in love?
T: Maaawm, you just meet a girl who you think is pretty and...
Mom: So you have to be pretty for a boy to fall in love with you?
T: Yes!
Mom: What if I was ugly? You're saying dad wouldn't have fallen in love with me?
T: Noooooo. But someone would have thought you were pretty.
Mom: Thanks. It's a good thing he thought I was, huh?

Chauvinist pig. Good thing he's cute.

Later this evening, I was taking pictures of my darling children who clearly

just like their momma

loves them some chocolate fondue

and I took the umpteenth picture of T in which he looked exactly like a serial killer. I couldn't help but chuckle and I said, "T, you should try to not open your eyes so wide when I take pictures of you.

To which T said, "What do you mean, mom? I was just smiling."

To which I said, "But T, you look like you're about to come at me with a kitchen knife."

To which he said, "Naw Aww, mom! Let me see."

At which point I showed him.

To which he said, "Aw, mom, that's just because I'm Irish."