who is Keyser Soze?

L has a growing vocabulary. She says excuse me, puppy, doggie, dance, T and B, outside and so on. She won't say milk, but she will sign drink. She will say eat but won't sign it. Who understands toddlers? No one, that's who. Today, a sad T told me that she called him stupid. While I assured him no 16 month-old baby could possibly say stupid, I am in fact quite sure that she not only can, she most likely did.

Every home with a toddler has a Keyser Soze. A noun that you cannot figure out, but is none-the-less the object of your sweet butter's obsession.

Ours is anNee. More like anNeeeee! Our little L spends most days, every day prattling on and on about anNee. When she fake-talks into the phone, she talks to/about anNee. When she is bent over backwards having temper tantrums that require a priest and some special water to stop, she is yelling at/about anNee.

Could anNee be our resident ghost? Is anNee just her little baby word for fuck off you skanky bitch? It's been hard to say, but I am happy to report that anNee has not only been identified,

but we captured that sucker.

Mom: "Where anNee, baby? Where's your anNee?"

L: ""