what the world needs now is cookie dough, sweet chocolate chip cookie dough

It is now officially 45 minutes past the bedtime that is set for my daughter based upon the assumption of a two-hour afternoon nap, and she is screaming her little lungs out in her crib. You know how long of a nap she had today?

Exactly no-hours. That's how many.

She has screamed much like the proverbial banshee for a good deal of our night at home. My guess is it's because that horrible girl and that hideous boy are still on American Idol. She did calm down a bit when she saw that Paula Adbul managed to tame that wild beast that took up residence on her head this week. These things concern us here at Chez Mr. Lady.

I suppose that it is admirable that a 16 month old baby found a way to go from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. with almost no peeping*, sit through an entire Cub Scout pack meeting, and still look this flippin' unbelieveably cute....

...but if you look very closely you will see that she is wearing, that's right, baby leg warmers and how could you possibly NOT look unbelieveably flippin' cute with little pink baby leg warmers? So that answers that. Leg warmers = unbearable cuteness > brain-curdling screaming and back arching rivaling Russian gymnasts.

Speaking of Cub Scouts, my sons found out that they would have to wait another month (they have already waited two) to receive their Bobcat trail badges. The reason is too dull to go into, but though B took it in stride, T took a vow of silence. And kicking. Silent kicking. The boy was mad with a capital Piss Off.

And so, being a good mother who in no way has an eating disorder**, I took them to Dairy Queen to soften the blow. I offered T a Blizzard and explained what one was, and he begrudgingly broke his vow to order one. He took one bite and stated as matter-of-factly as a pouting 6 year old can, "Well...this just changed my life!"

That's right. I changed his life. Ah, the power of a mothers' love. And frozen novelties. Mostly the novelties, I'm guessing.

*Peeping is the nice word for that noise she makes that makes me dream of the orphanage at night.

**Um, if I have to explain that one, you haven't met me.