home by the sea

Oh god, I miss Vancouver.

Correction: Oh god, my feet miss Vancouver.

I am not so much of a shoe-wearer. I appreciate a good slipper, but I could live without the shoes, weather permitting. Weather has done little permitting these few months. And I swear to god I cannot believe what the hell is going on with my feet right now. My feet are dry and scaley and peeling. My pumice stone cried uncle this morning.

Most of our summer in Van was spent at the beach, quite shoe-less, and my feet have never felt so lovely as they did those months. Sand is a wonderful exfoliant. Walking around all day barefoot on the shore left me with silky smooth baby feet. Mmmmmm.

Maybe it's the lack of beach. Maybe it's the fact that a plague descended on my home last week and we all spent 3 days in the same clothes. Whatever it is, I need a pedicure. Pronto.