the next movement

I know you've been waiting for this day to come. And, dear readers, you know I hate to disappoint, so here it is. The first ever real live video of one of my children. I apologize for the fact that the sound is a half-second or so behind the video; I am but a girl, after all. Technology frightens me. (My kid is the one in the green shirt with the blue tie.)

Be sure to not miss the following highlights:
  1. The nose-pick
  2. The nose wipe
  3. The yawn
  4. The fidgit with the tie
After a minute, it switches to my friends' kid, who doesn't pick his nose or fuss with his apparel, and so is boring.

Enjoy, and be warned; now that I know how to do this, you bet your bottom dollar there are more a'coming.