two questions

One: I really like turkey. Not the country, though I've got nothing against it, per say, but I'm talking gobble gobble goo and gobble gobble giggle. Thanksgiving? Best holiday ever. Mmmm, tryptophan. Turkey bacon is super yummy. I really like ground turkey instead of beef in my spaghetti. But my question is this: why do we call it ground turkey? We don't call it slabs of moo cow or spiced pig intestine. Did the poultry industry as a whole close their creative marketing department? Why do we respect the cows and the pigs enough to give their tasty, tasty meat clever nicknames, but turkey gets no love? I wonder.

Two: Mary Poppins - hot, or not? I vote hot. She's got a great figure, beautiful skin, fabulous fashion sense, and great facial features. And the button nose? Adorable. And the girl can shake her booty. Yeah, she's super hot, even when she's covered in soot. What do you think?