the little things

I have been a great big ball of stress these days. You should see my fingernails (or the shocking lack there-of). The kids' dad is coming in 10 days for a 6 day visit and though I am pessimistically optimistic, I am braced for how many different ways this could all go wrong. It will be a long 6 days. I am worried that the carpet won't be clean enough or that I will burn dinner or forget to scrub a toilet or that he or I or both will go bat-shit crazy and try to kill one another.

I am a worrier.

Add to that 2 very long nights this weekend, throw in crazy 'wear green, get plastered and make out with strangers' day, and you have one tired, sore, worn out and sleepy Mr. Lady.

But today, oh today. Today I celebrated my birthday with those 5 fabulous people you hear so much about on ye ol' blog. We had lunch on the patio at 1, watched the kids bike-ride, chased the dog, got a little sun, drank some beer and totally unwound. I had the best goddamn birthday cake I have ever had, and thanks to my boys, who don't so much eat cake, I got to have A LOT of it.

Dude, I feel so much better. 6 days of crap? Whatever. I have the rest of my life with really great people that I love. I could get through 6 days of the Spice Girls.

Tomorrow, I apparently get to figure out why the Retropolitan keeps biting me.