and then some

12 reasons why 32 rocks:
  1. I was singing along to a song in the car this morning, and T was singing with me. In fucking perfect harmony. Damn I love that kid.
  2. Germanium. AKA GE. AKA # 32 on the Periodic Table of Elements.
  3. 16 more years til they're all gone to college.
  4. I learned today that I am most certainly, indeed, one of the family.
  5. It's freaking 70 degrees today. That hasn't happened since my 22nd birthday.
  6. Playstation.
  7. 32 flavors, baby. I wonder if they serve a cone with all of them stacked on top. I'd totally order that.
  8. My 32nd birthday fell on 0320. Cool!
  9. Impromptu birthdays parties are the best birthday parties.
  10. My husband FORGOT my birthday. Now I really don't have to even entertain the thought of marriage counseling.
  11. And I have something nasty to hang over his head for the rest of his life.
  12. I got an egg to stand on end at, like, noon, and it's still standing there now, 10 hours later.
On that note...

For Chris, who up until this point has thought me totally full of shit... can be done. I told you so. Suck on that, bitch.