how could I forget THIS?

Today, driving to school, stopped at the traffic light by Shotgun Willies:

B & T: blah blah blah science project blah blah DNA blah blah blah supernovas blah blah CRASH

Me: What the FUCK?

(We all look up to see a car spinning and a shower of glass cover everything)

B & T: Mom! Did you see that? That was a CAR ACCIDENT!

Me: Dude, that truck and that car both ran that light and oh my god, look at that!

(1 car + 1 pickup + 1 red light = 1 big fat mess)

B & T: Is anyone hurt, mom?

Me: I don't think so. (Passengers start peeling themselves out of what remains of their cars)

B & T: Oh, good. *long...long pause*

That was totally COOL!