still coming down from all the sugar

My kids woke up yesterday a bit earlier than I. Here's what I found in the living room.

Yes, those are Skittles my 1 year old was having for breakfast. Evidently the Easter Bunny left some rocking baskets out for my youngins,

And you know, if mom isn't there to say no, she may as well have said yes.

We had dinner with the fam, and if only we had some pink fishnets and a little bow-tie, we would have had quite a show.

L found a new reason to be completely in love with her wonderful godfather,

And T discovered the joys of headwear.

This is the last place I saw my cute red heels

And this is the last place I saw my glasses, which is a bit more concerning.

L learned that she really loves Easter

But really really loves spitting out the almonds inside the M&M's.