you'd think I'd be sick of babies by now

3of3 has a new love. Today they had a 10 hour date.

3of3 was sort of unsure about the whole business of having another short person around, about sharing her toys, and mostly about sharing her mom. I got to carry in from the car one toddler, one baby, one gallon of milk and two diaper bags, even though one of those wonderful items has two fully functional feet and the coolest pair of glittery Converse ever to ease her travels. She was not about to give up her spot on the hip.

Of course, our little ladies' man won her over in no time flat. He's kinda irresistible.

I was really, honestly nervous about having a baby around again. It's not like 3of3 is going to be getting a job anytime soon, but let's face it; she's no baby anymore. But I am happy to report that he was an absolute joy on seven different levels and that even though I will loudly tell you that my babies are the cutest babies, none of my babies ever made this face at me:

Yummilicious, I know.

We played and ate and sang and ate and trashed my place and ate and nibbled bellies and had a snack and watched Backyardigans and had lunch and then we all took a nap so we could digest.

We picked up my boys and Big Man's big brother up from school and then we all went swimming. Let me clarify that:

I, a 120 pound, 5 ft tall woman took 5 children swimming. And not one of them drowned. I did get sunburned knees, but no one's looking at those anyway, so who cares? Not me. We had a blast. Babies + water + a large supply of swim diapers = good, good times.

The kiddies were so tired they had to have bottles. Together.

Yum. Double yumble. Don't you think they make a lovely couple?