after all, it would just be a shame to let living this high in the air go to waste

Have you ever felt that pang of jealousy when reading about other people who have found themselves in compromising positions and some jerk has felt the need to plaster pictures of them in their moment of shameful weakness/inebriation all over the Internet? You know, that oh that could have been my 15 moments of fame if someone cared enough feeling?

Great news! YOUR moment is coming. July 7th, in some random, dark but not smoky bar in Denver we Denver bloggers will do what we Denver bloggers do best....drink ourselves silly.
Take, for example, July 7. That will be the night that the biggest, bestest, smartest, and drunkest bloggers in the Rocky Mountain Region come together for a night of fun and frivolity.
See Resurrection Song or the World Wide Rant for all the juicy details.