how time flies

Today is my brother's birthday. Remember him, the brother I found on MySpace and wasn't sure if I should contact or not? Well, I still haven't, but he's been on my mind lately. Maybe because his birthday has been creeping up. I knew that today was it, and MySpace has lovingly confirmed that the kid I found is, indeed, him. He was 5 the last time I saw him. He was wearing a pair of jeans shorts with no t-shirt and had a bunch of crap all over his face. He was the cutest little kid I've ever seen (next to my his our little brother, who was 3 when I saw him last and had a pot belly that Buddha would have coveted). Here's them, a bit more recently. And clothed. And bathed. And drunk, I'm guessing.

And so, today, I wish you a happy birthday, little brother. I remember the day you came home from the hospital. I remember you used to give the sweetest little kisses, and you made a science out of hugs. If I close my eyes real tight, I can still hear your giggles. I wish I knew you as a grown up. I wish I hadn't had to miss 20-some years of your life. I pray to god it's been good.