the momma blues

I really want to take a nap. Like, severely. I mean, it's all grey and thunderstormy out and the baby is asleep and I have yummy flannel sheets and the window is cracked open just a little and the sleeping pill I had to take last night because I was too wound up to sleep (for reasons that it isn't time to share just yet) but took to late still hasn't totally worn off and I could only open one eye when I got up this morning....deep breath in.......but 20f3 has his author's celebration in 2 hours at school and all the parents will be there and if I am not there he will surely pack his little bags and go live in a convent and grow up and pen the most seething, heartbreaking novel the world has ever read about his traumatic childhood and his selfish, evil mother and he will become a bazillionaire and I will be hated by the swarming masses.

I better go to his thing. I guess I won't be taking a nap.