and then there were four

Looking for a super fast way double your grocery bill? Might I suggest inviting your 15 year old nephew for a visit?

Seriously, I loves this kid. He is sweet:

and kind:
and patient:

and all the things a 15 year old only child shouldn't be. He eats a lot, and he likes to tell me every little detail of his favorite video game, his MySpace social life and his football exploits; but, heck, it's better than poop talk.

Yesterday, we hooked up with 2of3's BFF

and visited the Garden of the Gods. If your town doesn't have one, well, if you have the means, I highly suggest picking one up. It's so choice.

Did I mention that my darling little nephew, who I used to help bathe as a wee one, can now bench press his 7 year old cousin:

and that this fact totally freaks me the f*@k out?