on my kids

...and why they rock.

We have had a few fun-filled days here at Chez Mr. Lady and today was to be no exception. We planned on a trip to see the Big Bug Exhibit at the Botanic Gardens.

What we did not plan on was low 60's weather and great big grey clouds in the sky. Boys from Phoenix think it snows when it hits 60. And so, our great day of Denver nature was cancelled. By 4:30 we were bored out of our flipping skulls and so we did the one thing I know every 15 year old lives for. We went to the mall.

While my nephew shopped for necklaces and Nike's, my boys were allowed to pick one thing in the mall that they couldn't live without. 3of3 shoplifted a chocolate from some shop. Which one, I couldn't begin to guess. I didn't even know it until it was almost gone. 2of3 was easy...a new GameBoy game. 1of3 three deliberated. Carefully. He looked at some jewelry, he perused the game shop, he took a gander at the Discovery Store. In the end, after all those super sweet options, my little bundle of joy went with this:

The Warrior Heir. A book. A freaking novel.

How the hell I got this lucky, I'll never know.