you know you're in trouble when...

(also titled: There's a big fat difference between mommas and daddies)

....when your darling little ones goes down to the family room to play with her brothers and comes back up looking like this:

That, dear readers, would be glitter. And not the organic, all natural, co-op grown kiddies non-toxic glitter, either. That would be the industrial, hardcore, removal only by sandblaster and 53 hail-marys, eat your insides out glitter.

And it would be everywhere. I own neither a sandblaster or rosary beads. Shit.
You know you're really, really in trouble when you go upstairs to blog about it and see this on your computer's monitor:

That, dear readers, would be Gary the Snail. In bubble gum form. Stuck to the side of the monitor.

The difference is that while I was busy taking snapshots of it, daddy was busy completely losing his shit about it. Camera vs. paper towels? Camera wins, ever time.