Arranged marriages are acceptable still, right?

You know what today is? Do ya, do ya? It's the day my evil trinity is made complete! Eeeek!

See, I have three kids; 2 boys, 1 girl. And my friend Andy over here; 1 girl, 1 boy. Until today, that is......

All he has to do is have one more girl, and in 20 years or so we can start, through our grandchildren, to build the evil empire that will dominate the WORLD!

Everyone, please, say a little something to your god of choice for a girl. So that we can rule you as evil grand-overlords. Or something like that.

So much for that idea update:

My oh my, but is he ever a keeper. Details here.

Snarky update, upon further consideration:

It's a caption contest! My contribution.....

Awww, look! He has his mother's sweet nose and his daddy's big mouth.

Others happily posted.