My Children: An Outsiders Perspective

Sometimes I think it's just me who sees it, but nope; they are what they are.

My sister-in-law flew into Seattle today to spend the weekend with Josh and the kids. I called her to make sure she arrived in one piece:

Her: Oh my god, you have the most beautiful children.*

Me: Dude, I know. What's going on?

Her: We're driving back to the border. 1of3 has his head under a pillow; he says he's reading something.

Me: Yeah, he figured out that he doesn't get car sick that way.

Her: Ohhhhhh. *giggle* 2of3 hasn't stopped talking since my plane landed. And 3of3 keeps asking questions. To her shoes.

My children, I swear to god, are their own walking, talking stereotypes.

*You guys didn't really think I'd leave that part out, did ya?