You know what happens when you are forced to run in 6th gear for, oh, I don't know, 10 months or so? You run in 6th gear, that's what. You know what happens when you finally get to shift down to 2nd? You get sick, that's what.

I felt it coming the day after I got to Denver, but I had 5,639 things to do and there was no time for it. I wrote the tummy ache off to eating nothing but tomatoes and avocados for a few days. I felt it coming stronger Friday morning in Denver, but I wrote that off to getting my ass absolutely whomped that morning on the Wii by my best friend. Friday night it hit, and pretty hard, but I had a hot date with a very hot girl, and nothing was standing in my way. I spent most of Saturday crying before I hit the airport and began 12 glorious hours of travel, and I figured my head hurt because of that. Sunday I had 3 gorgeous kids to make out with and a sister-in-law to paint the town red with (read-go buy seafood at the outdoor market. Um, we're old). Monday I had to drive an 8 1/2 round trip drive with the kids, and so I told my body to suck it up. Monday night....well, I didn't have anything to do Monday night. And so, I died.

I didn't take anything until yesterday. I figured my sissy ass had a cold and so I took something over the counter (Canadian over the counter, mind you) for colds, and not a dent was put in me. Since yesterday, I have taken Theraflu, ibuprofen, codeine and sleeping pills (those, honestly, were just little presents: it's not every day a mom of three gets to take codeine and sleeping pills, you know) and this cough medicine that is more or less liquid vicks vapor rubs mixed with pine sol.

Nothing. Works. I am so freaking sick I can't even believe it. Best part? 2of3 went and fucked up royally and got his ass grounded for 2 days. The worst 2 days. The two days I couldn't remember how to take a shower. So, I've got 3of3 who is behaving much like a puppy; guarding me, never, ever leaving my side, wiping my nose and applying chapstick liberally to my whole face, and 2of3, who is bored out of his ever-loving mind and very hopeful that in my delirium I will forget about the grounding, or at least fall asleep during one of his escape attempts.

It's been a fun week.

But the good news is that we are here, and settled at last, and our shipments from Denver are slowing starting to make it through Customs and school starts in three-count-them-three weeks. And hoo-fucking-ray for that.