We'll call this one, "Damn it feels good to be a gangsta"

I think it's fairly obvious that Mr. Lady doesn't like pictures of Mr. Lady. Well, today, in the interest of stepping out of my own comfort zone, I would like to begin a new installment over here at my little blogedy-blog. Every Wednesday, no matter how much is pains me, I am going to post a picture of myself. Let's start with this one.....

I started with this one because, well, it's hilarious. It was also taken 17 years ago, almost to the day. That's my dad, my step mom, my brothers and my sisters. Please note the very very hot pants my brother is wearing. Interesting fact: my step mother is 29 years old in this picture. With four step children. Three of which are in their teens. Well into their teens. That poor, poor girl.

And if you so much as think about saying anything about my hair, I'll hurt you. I swear, I will.