My, What Big Teeth You Have

This fabulous piece of art was taken in 1984. The girl, 2nd from the right on the top, is a childhood friend whom I haven't seen, seriously, since I think this very night in question. She found me through MySpace. Funny how that works.

It's funny how these are most of the white kids I grew up with, and I can only identify three of them out of the picture. She had to tell me who the rest were. I know who I am; I'm the kid with the bad haircut and the mouth I had to "grow into" (still waiting on that, btw). The girl next to me is Josie. I know this because Josie was the hottest of us, by far, and even at 9 I knew it. I bet she is still the hottest of her "us". I'm guessing she always be. I know Brooke because she was the youngest. And the rest? Even knowing their names, I still can't figure out who is who.

Anyway, I thought I'd share, for your viewing (and mocking) pleasure, me. Prepubescent me. Pictures like this are hard to come by in my world. Enjoy, and let the ridicule begin!