Rate the Hate V 2.0 results

Um, you guys totally aren't playing along, here. Hey, I'm someone's mom and someone's wife. It's my job to nag.

So, they actually kind of liked it. 3of3 ate ALL the corn, 2of3 ate everyone's sausage, and 1of3 even ate a little crab. I totally overcooked the shrimp, though.

And now, a question for you. Josh left the day before our anniversary for a business trip. He's been gone 5 whole days. He comes home tomorrow. My hair is significantly darker than it was before he left*. Do I tell him before he gets home, or just let him find out the hard way?

*If you ever go 5 whole days with almost no adult contact whatsoever and use up every board game and flash card pack you have with your kids and really need something to entertain both you and them, I highly suggest buying a hair dye kit at the store and giving your kids the plastic gloves and letting them go at it. It's freaking hilarious.