Coffee, anyone?

My friend once pointed out to me that I took my coffee like I take my men; white, with a lot of shit in them. It's not actually so true anymore; I just take it white now. But a lotta white. Like, Gap Khaki white. And that is just about dead on. (I don't mean that so much in the skin color way as I do the sterotypical behavior sort of way. I back that with the fact that if I were to ever run into this guy in a darkish alley, I'd have to spend a considerable amount of time after in one of those Catholic Confession booths. Oh, how he makes me swoon.)

I think about that sometimes, and I wonder if that analogy works for other people, too. I know that The Retropolitan takes his coffee hot and ready in less than 30 seconds. And his women. So we're 2 for 2. I think Molly takes her coffee straight, and if I compare that to the one boyfriend of hers I've ever known, I'd call that a match. Dark, steamy. Yup, that's him. My friend S likes decaf, and just like the men in her life, she likes them, a lot, but there ain't no way she's going to let them make her all high-strung and crazy. Josh likes his coffee at really inappropriate hours of the day, and if I say anymore, I'll cross that imaginary line we have set up.

So, what about you? I think I know you all just well enough.....tell me what kind of coffee you drink and I'll over-psycho-analyze it.

Update: Hubs likes bad coffee. Bad, evil, naughty coffee. And Alison, have you every considered tea? Sarah likes hers, um, well, just like mine. It's a good thing I'm taken have my own coffee pot, 'cause I think we'd be fighting over guys cappuccinos. Molly occasionally likes hers hammered (don't we all) and Blake likes his fast and artificially sweet. Blake, have you ever tried to meet Britney? I think it might be destiny. And my brother, well, if I read that right, I think he was trying to say that he's a no-nonsense coffee kind of guy. And that is about right. His wife? Awesome. But not one to be fooled around with too much.

You Are an Espresso

At your best, you are: straight shooting, ambitious, and energetic

At your worst, you are: anxious and high strung

You drink coffee when: anytime you're not sleeping

Your caffeine addiction level: high