Come one, come all

You are hereby cordially invited to a birthday extravaganza on Sunday at 3 pm for the world's cutest baby girl. There will be blue jello in tiny fishbowls with gummy fish in them, there will be pretzel fishing rods with Powerbait gummy worms attached, there will be jellyfish floating above and blue sea at your feet. There will be goldfish. Most importantly, there will be CAKE. Lots of cake.

Please RSVP by Saturday evening at 778-846-1....oh, who am I kidding? There will be pictures on Monday. She's going to be 2. I am totally going to cry.
(I just have to throw in here that I actually bought scrapbooking scissors in order to make those invitations, and I am having a hard time reconciling myself to that fact. I also completely ruined my best little pair of super sharp scissors. But they're totally cute, no? Really, I've lost all hope of being cool.)