Longest. Sentence. Ever.

Don't you just hate it when you've known for a long time that you want something, like, say, a fancy new purse or a hot pair of red shoes, but you can't quite figure out exactly what it is that you specifically want until one day when it's just, like, it's BAM, right there in front of you, and is the most totally obvious thing ever and you can't even believe it took you so damn long to put your finger on it but then you realize that time and age and perhaps, in some small way, the prejudices of others are, now that you've got it, defined it, named it, going to keep you from it even just temporarily and now that you know with all your heart, with perfect clarity, what it is and that you must have it the thought of waiting for it is sheer agony as every slow, long minutes passes by without it, that ONE thing that's going to fill your heart with true joy?

Yeah, I hate that, too.