Rate the Hate V. 2.0

I forgot to post this yesterday, and now it's Sunday, but let's just ignore that, K? The boys had their very first sleepover last night and we were totally busy having a Home Alone marathon. (Insert pity here)

This week's edition is a crab boil. Crab boils are super easy and if you happen to be a great big seafood freak like, say, Josh and I are, they are something you'll want to perfect. When Josh and I were dating and living with the 4 other guys, we always had "House Dinner" on Sunday. What can I say, we lived in a house with 6 people who were all freakishly outstanding cooks. We hated each other, but we sure liked to eat together. We did crab boils the old school way, where you lay a ton of newspaper on a table and dump the pot onto the table and everyone ate with their hands. It's a great party dinner. It, of course, is sorta impractical with 3 small children, though. So use plates.

Anyway, recipe:

You boil a ton of water in a big ass pot (a 12 oz. stock pot is perfect, ifin's you have one). You then add seasoning of some sort. Old Bay is the standard East Coast seasoning, but I am sold on this stuff. It's versatile and yummy and a good seasoning to have on hand, just in case. You dump what should be around 3 oz. into a cheesecloth and tie it up to make a seasoning pouch. Pu that in the boiling water and add a pound/a pound and a half of red skin potatoes. Boil it for 10 minutes or so. Add to that a pound or so of sausages (I like hot Italian) chopped into 2 inch pieces, 2 ears of corn cut in half, 2 quartered lemons, a quartered onion if it sounds good to you (I tend to skip the onion and instead throw in a few cloves of garlic). Boil that for 10 more minutes and then remove the potatoes, corn and sausage. Then you add a pound of shrimp to the boil. Some people throw the crab in, to, but I have one of those stock pots with a steamer on top, and so I boil the shrimp and steam the crab. You do as much crab as you like for how many you're feeding. I try to make sure everyone gets one leg at least. And don't do snow crab. Do a harder shell, like dungeness if you can get it or king. If you like mussels, which I do, steam some of those, too. Steam and/or boil it all for 3 to 5 minutes, until the shrimp is pink, and then throw the whole mix on the table, or in large serving plates. Sprinkle a little more of your seasoning on top of the whole thing. Add some hearty bread on the side, open a nice medium dry white wine, and you have a fabulous dinner for 4. At least for 4 grown-ups.

The question is: Do you think they ate it? Or, to make it easier, on a scale of 1-10, how much do you think they hated it? 1 being Best. Dinner. Ever. and 10 being We're Called Child Services and the Food Network to tell on you, you horrible, horrible woman.

I should mention here that, with the exception of pastries, I tend to not cook in measurements, per say. But, if you really like the idea of something you read here, it would be really easy for me to turn it into a proper recipe for you, complete with measurements and everything. Just let me know!