Not missing 07 at all

How was your New Years Eve? Did you drink yummy champagne? Did you kiss your one true love at midnight? Did you resolve to really quit smoking, only to break that resolution before you passed out last night?

I only pulled off one of those; go ahead and guess which one.

We spent New Years with neighbors. Every family in our 'hood has 3 children. They are all really close in age. It's like Soylent Green mixed with The Stepford wives around here; we all bred about the same time, and almost all the moms here are teachers. It makes me giggle, but it also makes for great NYE parties.

We had potluck dinner at my neighbour's house, and then sat around and gabbed until midnight. The kids, who I thought would be dead on their feet by 12, were tearing it up. They blew noise makers, they drank Kiddie Champagne and toasted to friends. We had mugs of the very best Indian tea that has ever crossed my lips, and also toasted to friends.

It. Was. Wonderful.

I know my neighbors a little more, and like them more, too. I have cool neighbors. Funny, hot, cool neighbors.

I resolve this year to stop being such a damn recluse already and start hanging out with these people more. I love where I live for a reason. I am totally surrounded by awesomeness.

Josh had the most crappy night at work imaginable, and made it home before 2 am, and we watched The Dirty Dozen for a while and then we headed to bed where he gave me a little present. One of those Not Everyday presents. One of those things married people never bother to do presents.

Oh yeah, baby, I got a footrub. I got a footrub after he had just worked 15 hours on his feet. I think I fell asleep halfway through it, it was so damn good. That is the finest way to end a year.

Picture one of Blog 365, aka Project 365, coming later. Welcome to Y2K8. I, for one, am totally looking forward to it.