730 days later

I already have this perfectly good Saturday thingy I do, and now Hucks is going it with me, and maybe someday we'll take over the world with it, but damn it if Melissa didn't go and one-up me, with something better. Curse you, woman. I must play along.

You're supposed to repost some old, random post from your archives that you really like. Well, dude, I write utter crap, but fortunately, this one is a breeze for me.

See, I have this niece, a niece who I have never managed to meet, but 2 short years ago she took her first breath.

Baby K, your very shitty auntie who never has bothered to make the eencie little drive to Albuquerque to meet your cute wittle butt loves ya. Happy 2. Have fun ruining your parents lives.

Here's my post from 730 days ago today:

So much for dear 3of3 being the only baby girl in the family. Kaede Niamh was born to my brother and his wife around 8:20 this morning. More details and pictures are coming later.
Yeah niece!and a very proud papa...