Here's my Thursday Thirteen brainstorm:
  1. I wanted to list 13 dates I've been on, but I haven't been on anywhere near 13 dates. That's sad.
  2. I wanted to list 13 things that make me homesick, but there is really only a handful. A heavy handful. (Who are you that comes here every night from Phili, anyway? You're killing me, dude)
  3. I thought it would be fun to tell you about 13 awesome, death-defying feats I have performed, but really? I can't even get on a roller coaster.
  4. Maybe I could talk about 13 radical places I've been, but I have never even been to Detroit.
  5. What about my favorite 13 childhood memories? Please.
  6. My 13 favorite people? I'd have to do that list 6 times. I know awesomely awesome people.
  7. Perhaps I could narrow it down a bit to 13 favorite neighbors. I counted. I have, like, 7. So much for that.
  8. 13 reasons why potty training is my new BFF? Sure, I could do that, but if you look at NO MORE DIAPERS 13 times in a row, they don't look like real words anymore.
  9. I'd do something about my relatives, but I don't know the full, legal names of anyone beyond my parents.
  10. What about old ex's? Oh yeah, that's right. I have ONE.
  11. There are, maybe, if I really stretched, 13 places I'd like to see before I die. I honestly only have to see one, though.
  12. I could write an ode to the 13 random body hairs that I hate with a fire that burns with the heat of a thousand suns. But who wants to read that? That's gross, even for me.
  13. I know! I could totally do a list of the 13 reasons that Mr Lady is much cooler than her real life alter-ego. Oh, wait. I just did that.